Friday, March 17, 2017

ՉԸԼՓԱԶ - Հայկազ Թրթռեան

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    The Painting is owned by Marie Ghazarian-Nichols, the aunt of Ara Ghazarian.
    It is on canvas and the owner claims that it was painted by an H. Assadourian a student of Mardiros Saryan. The painting was done at the request of Marie sometime in 1970's. The painter since then moved to San Francisco.

    The painting depicts the last shepherd of Kessab. The picture of the painting was first published in 1956 in the Album about Kessab. The album was edited by the late Bishop Trerenig Poladian and was published by the Beirut Kessab Educational Association, Kessabi Oussoumnasirats Myoutiun.

    The painting need to be salvaged. It is painted in captivating color and has documented history to back it and is one of a kind.


    Ara Ghazarian placed an appeal in Facebook looking for a "home" for the painting. I suggested to him the Armenian Museum of America. I have donated numerous books, an Armenian manual typewriter and albums of old Armenian large disks. Ara in turn let her aunt know, who called me and spoke with me at length.


    The owner, Marie Aghazarian Nichols is an educated, sharp minded lady who keeps her keen faculties at her advanced age of 97. She is very much attached to the painting and wants to donate it to a museum in memory of her mother. Naturally she wants to have the assurance that the institution that will eventually own it is reputable. She does not know about the Armenian Museum of America and consequently it is important that those who will contact her from the Museum, impart to her that assurance and be patient with her in carrying on conversation. She is sharp minded and has a lot of memories to share with others, so the person contacting her need to be patient and lend a good ear to her. It would be a loss if the painting is not housed in the AMA. She has heard about the Armenians erecting a museum in Glendale. But, as far as I know, that is still in its planning stage. The State of California has earmarked 1 million dollars toward it and naturally the museum's mission, I would presume, is more than being a museum for Armenians but also an educational center for diversity etc.

    AMA, even though I have not been there, I believe is the the Armenian American community has. For all I know, Dr. Jack Kevorkian, has entrusted his paintings to it as well. So patience will be needed when working with Marie to have the painting shipped to AMA, should she agree.


    Garo Konyalian has prepared the attached two page long document about the Shepherd himself and placed some pictures depicting the photograph, the painting and about the shepherd himself. I have attached the document.


    Vahe H. Apelian